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Coach Brian Vaughns - has been coaching and developing players for more than 15 years. He has applied his skill to help produce players at the professional, collegiate, state, and club levels. Most players that have been apart of coach Vaughns' development have gone on to higher levels of play, but most importantly have become smarter and more well-rounded players.
The techniques that coach Vaughns applies are those that will help any athlete to strive for more through the process of understanding the game not just playing it. Coach Vaughns played basketball at the highest levels around the world. He was a College All-American at UC Santa Barbara. He was Drafted in the NBA by the Milwaukee Bucks. He has played professional basketball in Greece, Switzerland, Australia, Mexico, Germany, USA, and Argentina just to name a few.
As a Head Coach he has taken Maribyrnong Sports Academy from litteraly an unknown program to one the best basketball programs in the country winning various State and National Championships. He has brought attention to the program internationally with the success of his athletes attending more than 20 US Colleges and Universities.

Coah Brian has been successful at all levels. He has been coaching in the prestigious BIG V State League for more than 7 seasons and have produced fantastic results with his senior teams. He has been nominated for Coach of the Year on several occaisions and winning that honour in 2013 with the Camberwell Women's team. Brian was recognized for his unique style of coaching and was named the BIG V All-star Coach in 2010 and led a group vs. Japan National Team.

It is clear to see that Brian has generated success at every level of play, so any athlete wanting to learn the game of basketball and develop their skill level need look no further than Clever Ball Academy.

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