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The Clever-Ball Academy is an opportunity for players to get one on one personal training with coach Vaughns. The Academy is open to a select few players that will have the opportunity to raise their court awareness, skills level and game IQ.
The Academy will be a 10 week program, in which players will receive weekly training and development in addition to film assessment, individualized programs and weekly skill feedback that deal directly with the neccessary tools needed to get to higher levels of play.
The CBA will teach players the game, not only on a skill level basis but also put players into teams and help them to develop how to be productive within a team environment.

The CBA will teach the athletes in three phases of learning,
1. Learning Stage: this is the stage that athletes are introduced to the techniques of the skill to be taught and to get mental and visual cues to developing the proper movements of the techniques.
2. Practice Stage: athletes at this stage will be given the opportunity to practice the learned technique and to incorporate the cues of constructive self-criticism in order to help the mental growth of perfecting the skills.
3. Automatic Stage: here is where the athletes will have become so familiar with the techniques that they will then begin to use those techniques within an environment at which they are very comfortable. This allows the athlete to develop cues to understanding how to use the skill within a game situation.


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