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Communication is a huge part of the game and all those involved need to be on the same page in order to have a good flowing game. You as a player should be open with all of your teammates so that your communication throughout the game will help you to be successful. Your communication should be precise and clear so that there is no mistake as to what you are trying to do.
Coaches must also be exact in their communication with athletes. It is the only way to ensure better execution from your team. They would all know what it is you require of them as a group and that way they are sure the message is exact.
Referees are the ones who need to also get on point with coaches and [players when it comes to communication. They are there to assist in the flow of the game and not try to control the flow. The best referee is the one you never notice. This means they are a part of the environment of the game and not the central focus. After all the game is played between players, and coached between coaches. Not reffed between referees!

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