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Welcome to the Clever-Ball Academy!

I am coach Brian Vaughns and this is a dream that I had years ago, to create the most dynamic and insightful basketball information vehicle that I possibly can. My aim is to help all players both young and old, and all levels from junior up to senior, to gain tactful knowledge of the game and increase their IQ and overall playing ability.
As a result of my passion for the game and the years of hard work and dedication, I have finally been able to put together what I think is an avenue for players to gain valuable insight into the game of basketball.
If you are a player looking to take the next step in your playing career or a coach that is looking for a fresh view of the game, then I ask you to explore what the Clever Ball Academy has to offer, it might just be what you need.


We are very excited about our 2018! Clever Ball Academy has embarked upon providing pathways for young players to get to U.S> Colleges, High Schools and Prep Schools to continue their pursuit of playing basketball at a higher level. If you are interested in getting an opportunity to play basketball in the U.S. then I suggest you book your place aas soon as possible!

We have teamed up with to hold a High School and Junior player combine here in Australia. Our Clever Ball Academy Combine session will be held on May 23-24 and 27th at Whittlesea Basketball Stadium! Entries are limited and only a few spots are available, so you need to get registered now!!

Combine Testing: May 23, 2018 12pm-3pm

Combine Skills Assessment: May 24, 2018 10am-2pm

Combine Games Assessment: May 27, 2018 8am-3pm

Your future awaits!sign up now!!

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