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Clever-Ball Academy skills program is one that will focus on all of the aspects needed to help you become the best player that you possibly can, by providing you with an in-depth view as to why you use the skills you learn.
We cover everything it takes to play the game. Our approach to skills development is covered in three parts; 1. Learning Stage, 2. Practice Stage, and 3. Automatic Stage. Through this process it is easier to help players to understand the unique aspects of the game and their ability to play the game.

Skill Breakdown includes:
-Defensive skills
-Dribbling skills
-Offensive skills
-Passing skills
-Rebounding skills
-Post Play skills
-Perimeter Play skills
-Shooting skills
-Basketball Mind Set
-Movement Tactics
-Footwork skills
-Situational skills

Perimeter Play skills:
- Ball Handling
- Shooting
- Footwork
- Passing
- Dribble Moves
- 1 on 1 Mindset
- Situational Development

Rebounding skills:
- Technique
- Positioning
- Mindset
- Commitment
- Leverage

If we listed all of the various skills taught at Clever Ball Academy then you as a reader would be stuck reading for days on end. The game is very complex and the teaching methods used at the Academy will help you the athlete learn at a pace that suits your development.
Our motto states "clever skills start with your mind" because the more I understand it as a player the more I make it my own. Then it becomes easier to use the technique or skill you have learned to suit your style of play.

Basketball Mindset:
- Attitude
- Training Mindset
- Visualizing
- Game Mindset
- Discipline
- Problem Solving

Defensive Skills:
- Stance
- Footwork
- Close outs
- Advantages
- Containment

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