Elite Basketball Training

Individual Development

Group Development
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Clever Ball Academy cater's to the development of the player in all aspects of the game! Our vast knowledge of the sport will help any player at any level from Junior Representative to Professional Adult achieve greater success on the court.

Specialized Coaching Includes:

* Point Guard Development                              * Rebounding Techniques
* Shooting Guard Development                         * Guard Skill Development
* Post Play Development                                  * Defensive Development
* Shooting Development                                   * Ball Handling Development
* Forwards Skill Development                           * Centers Skill Development
* Footwork Development                                  * Conditioning Workouts
* Video and Scouting Analysis

Player Services:

1 on 1 Training = $70.00 per hour
Group Training up to 6 = $55.00 per hour per player

Coach to Coach Services:

1 on 1 Training = $40.00 per hour
Group Coaching up to 10 = $30.00 per hour per Coach

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